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FESTIVAL NEWS: Systemsprenger (Dir: Nora Fingscheidt, Weydemann Bros, Kineo, Oma Inge Film) is in Berlinale this year.


"Cleo" formerly known as "Story of Berlin" (Dir: Erik Schmitt, Detail Film).It is going to open the Generation Kplus section. Me and Dominik did the original sound recording.



Update for Rainer Komers Barstow, California where I was contributing as a sound designer: Winner of the ARTE documentary feature price at Duisburger Filmwoche.

Congratulations to Rainer!


More fiction film is coming up! In postproduction of Systemsprenger(AT) by Nora Fingscheidt now...



Barstow, California is shown in the Vision du Reel festival in Nyon. The film continues with Rainer Komers unique style of "landscape listening" combined with an engagement for the poet  Stanley "Spoon" Jackson who is serving a lifetime sentence without parole. I have been working on the Sound Design.



Exodus finally get's shown in german cinemas after the shooting has take place in 2014/15. The refugee topic remains as up-2-date as never before.


Here's a list of dates where it's shown:


And also The New Children of Golzow is shown again in Berlin, Achtung Berlin!



This years first entry after winter sleep is dedicated to the tv premiere of Truth Detectives by Anja Reiss. It's been shown on festivals in germany and internationally. Hof, Warsaw, Biberach and Teheran. We also had a nice team premiere in our Mareschka office.


It's shown by Arte on the 20. of march at 21:45 on the 20. of march at 21:45. I did sounddesign and 5.1 Mix and Stereo version with sound design support of my colleague Dominik Leube.


link to the trailer



As times goes by festivals pass by. The feature film 2557, shot in Thailand, directed by Roderick Warich,, shot in Thailand, directed by Roderick Warich, was shown in Warsaw,

Truth Detectives, directed by Anja Reiss, in Hof. Currently I am in Dok_Leipzig where Die neuen Kinder von Golzow is premiered... We did a 5.1 Mix at Tonbüro.



Read this article about what's going on around us:


Einwurf Zwanzig Pfennig a short but nice documentary will be screened in Schwerin and Oberhausener Kurzfilmtage. I did the 5.1 mix @ Sonnenstudio Berlin

here's the TRAILER



The long awaited premiere of 2557 is finally coming up, now at BAFCI Festival in Buenos Aires, International Competition. I've been working on the Sound Design and Mix together wit my studio partner Dominik Leube.

directed b Roderick Warich, DOP: Roland Stuprich



Shalom, Salam, Halejula                                                                is screened today on ZDF (within documentary series: "37 Grad"). It is a production made almost entirely within our nice shared office "Mareschka" in Rixdorf/Berlin. I was doing production sound for this nice little peace of television. Other colleagues involved are: Dir: Aljoscha Hofmann, DOP: Luise Schröder, Editor: Jan Bihl, Soundmix: Dominik Leube link to the ZDF Mediathek



Valentina won the prize for best Cinematography and Best Director at the Queens World festival, NY/USA!!!  won the prize for best Cinematography and Best Director at the Queens World festival, NY/USA!!! Congratulations to my colleagues!


I will have the honour to represent VALENTINA in Vienna at the Ethocineca in the beginning of May, this year. Due to the absence of my colleagues I will be there. Come meet me in Vienna!



Bilder vom Flo (Flo's Pictures, directed by Julian Vogel) has official german premiere on the Max Ophuels Festival end of january. I was responsible for set recording as well as sound design and mixing. Check out the official website and the trailer!



Bilder vom Flo (Flo's Pictures, directed by Julian Vogel)

I am happy to announce the premiere of our film - where I was doing sound postproduction - in the competition of Perugia Social Film Fest  2016.



Luise Schröder, Cinematographer of Valentina has won the Michael-Ballhaus-Preis at the First Steps Award. Our film was also nominated for the documentary price. We're happy to get some attention for the film and the contact with the family is still active. Read more on the official Valentina website.



Valentina & Girls don't Fly  & Girls don't Fly are shown soon on the 10th Edition of the Fünf Seen Festival in Starnberg. . For more information check the Festivals website!



Girl's don't Fly is being shown on several festivals, having won the audience award in Max Ophuels Festival. After Diagonale in Graz / Austria and HotDocs Toronto/Canada there's dokfest Munich on the festival schedule and more to come...   



Currently shooting a tv documentary about the balkan countries of former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Kosovo. A Production of Ohne-Gepäck Film Berlin.



Valentina is shown on the Berlinale, Perspektive Section.

The Film I was involved as sound recordist, sound designer and sound mixer. Director: Maximilian Feldmann, Camera: Luise Schröder.  is online and the film get's good reviews in media. for example TAZ is writing about Valentina.



Festivals, festivals...

I am happy to announce that Girls don't Fly won the documentary competition on the Max Ophuels PreisMax Ophuels Preis in Saarbruecken. And another  is going to be shown on Berlinale Perspektive section: VALENTINA.



Here are the festival dates for Girls Don't Fly by Monika Grassl

Max Ophüls Preis, documentary competition, world premiere: 20.01.2016, 8 PM, here is the link to the website

I did sounddesign and rerecording for this beautiful film.



The Long Distance, a "Kleines Fernsehspiel" about marathon runners from east-afrika, was shown yesterday on ZDF, on my favourite time, 23:55. Link: Mediathek.



Fremdkörper the TV movie we shot last year in Istanbul, is shown on ZDF, 22.06.2015, 23:55 Uhr



Island36 got mentioned - "Lobende Erwähnung" - at Achtung Berlin festival and was also running on Sehsüchte in Potsdam. Last year it also screened in Tunis on Human screen festival. keep updated on facebook site...



Fremdkörper - a TV Movie we shot last year in Istanbul - formerly known as "Transit" has been succesfully running on Festivals and won the audience award at Max Ophüls Preis this year. It's a final degree film Film by Christian Werner produced by Venice Pictures and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg for ZDF/Kleines Fernsehspiel. Tobias Adam was accompanying me as Boom Operator.


Another Short-Film I did last year which is screened on Arte is Mund zu Mund  (saturday, 14.03.15, 0:40) directed by my name brother Oskar Sulowski!



Two films I have been involved in on location sound and postproduction are being launched on festivals:


Island36 - a documentary about refugees in Berlin Kreutzberg is shown in the biggest european documentary festival IDFA in Amsterdam. watch the trailer


and Zerrumpelt Herz (Council of the Birds) continues its festival career after nice critiques at Labiennale Venice

in Hof (german premiere), Braunschweig and Lünen and finally Colognes See The Sound as the opening screening

here's the trailer



On this Years Venice Labiennale Festival Zerrumpelt Herz is one of two german films being showed. It is part of La settimana internationale della critica. I am happy end excited how this film with my sound design & mix will be appreciated.



The experimental documentary essay Road Movie by Maja Bajevic is shown on tuesday, 24. june 0:25 Uhr on ARTE.

It is my second production with ohne gepäck film from Berlin. Zoran Solomun, the producer and Dusan Solomun (DOP) are close friends of mine.


I also did the documentary Lod on the Map! together with Dusan Solomun, when we used to live in Israel for a year 2009/2010.



I am happy to announce that the documentary Insel 36 about the refugee camp on Oranienplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg, had it's team premiere in germanys oldest cinema Moviemento. Soon to be seen on festivals.


Find more information on the official website:



Just came back from shooting for Fremdkörper, a feature film for ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel and Venice Pictures  and turkish service production ASI Film.



My colleague and magnifiecient boom operator Tobias Adam started a crowd funding for his own project "Not Just Phones". Check this link and enjoy the music of the trailer - and please support it !



Sound Design started and later the Mix (Dolby 5.1) of "Zerrumpelt Herz" will follow. The first long Feature film of Timm Kroeger shot on location in the black forest, on ARRI Alexa in Scope. Check this link:



Check out which has been on tv and cinemas last year and received the price "dialogue en perspective" at Berlinale Festival. I was responsible for the location sound and re-recording.



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